Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Library and Information Centre

The Central Power Research Institute has Library and Information Centre with more than 35 thousand documents consisting of Technical books, reports, standards both Indian and International, technical papers, CD-ROMS, e-data bases and back volumes of journals. The library subscribes to 40 periodicals in printed form. 
Library and Information Centre has been established with 15 Computer systems with the internet connection. Wi-Fi facility has been provided for laptop users. CCTV Web cameras have been fixed in the Library and the entire building is under camera surveillance.

How to Access E-Databases:
  • IEEE XPLORE: The Library and Information Centre has subscribed the IEEE 350 downloading of articles for the year 2018. The users who are interested in IEEE articles can send the request to library email id with the link of the article. Those who are interested can send the request for downloading of articles to Library and Information Centre and make use of this facility. Email id:
  • BSB for Download of Bureau of Indian Standards: The users can download the latest BIS standards from BSB. If the standards are not available in the BIS Website, it is either in-active or replaced. This can be verified by the link provided below.
  • CD/DVD SERVER: The standards can be downloaded from this server. It contains 3 pages, so search should be done in 3 pages separately. For searching use Ctrl+F and enter the standard number.